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Sic Bo
November 15, 2015

Live Sic Bo Tips

Live Sic Bo is quickly becoming one the most enjoyed variations of the game. These games can be rather tricky, not because they live dealer, but rather because the game has so many ways to payout. New players sometimes struggle to come up with a game strategy and the best way to make a profit at the end of a round. There are certain points you need to remember that presents a better game experience and chance to win.

In this article, we will look at some of the best tips I’ve come across wild playing live Sic Bo. Some of these tips may work for you and others may not suit your gaming style.


Even Money betting

For those of you just getting into the game and would really like to experience the game without too much risk can take advantage of even money betting. The house edge with the game ranges from 2.78% all the way up to 30%. With even money betting, you give yourself a 50/50 chance of winning in every round. This may not seem a lot, but it will give you a chance to get into the game and more than likely score a few bucks from your experience.


Choose the Table with the best Odds

Many players out there may think that all tables payouts exact same amount. Unfortunately, this is not the case, some Sic Bo tables will offer a maximum payout of 180 to 1, which is an incredible payout for any player. However, some other tables offer only 150 to 1 for the exact same payout, which gives the house a much bigger edge and offers you much less cash win the jackpot comes.


Know Your Limits before Playing

Putting all your cash on a trip 6’s is very brave but the same time not very smart. Take a few minutes and look at the table, focus on the results of in each round and workouts a betting strategy for the next hand.

If you play the game before be sure to have limits for each of the betting options. This will help you manage your funds are not lose everything with just one hand. Both wins and loss limits need to be in place before you enter a table.


Your loss limit will depend on the size of every bet and the amount you have in your account when you enter the table. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to lose all the funds in your account from just one round. The of different ways loss limit can be set, which includes losing a certain amount of money or losing a certain number of hands. Either way, make sure these limits are in place and that you walk away when they are reached.


Winning is never a bad thing, but it’s also important to control your winnings and walk away at the highest point. A win limit can be used to pocket small amounts of winnings that will be cashed out at the end of the game. Use your loss limit to determine when you need to leave the game. This will ensure you walk away with the best profit without playing back your winnings.

Many players also set goals, which means they want to reach a certain amount before cashing out. This is a rather risky way of playing the game, but with a loss limit you can control these goals much easier.


Tryout Different Betting Methods

Trying out different betting methods will give you a much better idea of all the possible winning methods available. A new method needs to be played over a number of rounds before accurate results can be seen. We recommend you try these methods in a free version, which will allow you to see the possible results without spending real cash.


Keep Calm and Stick to Your Limits

Just like many other casino games, it is impossible to win every hand. A losing hand does not necessarily mean your strategy is wrong, but could simply mean the results were against you. It’s important to keep to your strategy and not increase your limits at any point. If you feel the odds are against you in this specific around, leave the game and try again later.

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