Roulette Strategies

December 2, 2017

Martingale Strategy

Martingale is the Roulette strategy professional players get to know first as it’s the most common, and according to many professionals, the easier to keep track of and win. Some refer to the betting system as negative progressive as you decrease your wager value after a winning hand.

The system is easy to use and can be applied to any form of Roulette. Most players recommend even money bets as it allows the betting values to remain within reason, and it’s easy to keep track of.

Basically this strategy is “Double up each time you lose until you win for win a profit after each round of the Martingale system.”

The Martingale strategy is easy to use and provides great benefits for players who keep to the rules of the system, especially when the winnings numbers are against you and betting values start getting to a higher amount.

Learn martingale betting strategy for roulette you can read our review.

Fibonacci Strategy

The Fibonacci system is a mathematically theory that’s become a popular betting option among both beginners and high rollers. The system is great for even money bets and provide profit at long as you use the steps involved.

The betting system seems very complicated at first, but once you understand the logic behind the mathematics, you’ll easily understand how the system comes together and provides a profit to those who practice the rules of it and play through the whole system before walking away. Unlike most systems, the entire profit is only available at the end of the system, which could take some time, but would include a higher profit.

The Fibonacci system tends to take a little longer to provide profit than the Martingale system, which is why high rollers commonly apply it to their games by starting with a much higher first bet.

Reverse Martingale

Reverse Martingale has proven to be a hugely successful strategy for players who have strong will power to walk away when they need to, but at the same time, the system can be just as dangerous, especially for players who keep playing further.

Instead of doubling up on losses with regular Martingale, you’ll double up on winnings in reverse Martingale. Therefore, boosting your profits a lot faster, but also including more risk as your next bet is higher than the winnings you’ve just won. The system is one of the “win big fast” systems, but includes strategy as you’re betting on a sequence of even money bets. For example, if you decide to bet on red, wait for a red win before placing your bet as a streak of the same colours are common.

It’s important to decide on a number of streaks before placing a bet, such as 4 or 5 streaks as this determines when you’ll stop the current system before losing.

Labouchere Strategy

The Labouchere system is common with many table games, but most associated with professional Roulette players as the system offers great profits, is easy to follow (especially online), doesn’t include too much risk, and is customizable to suit your betting and winning requirements.

To start using Labouchere, you’ll see a series of at least 5 numbers. Most players start with small numbers and work their way up to higher numbers once again confidence in the system. With 5 numbers, start by adding the first and last numbers together and place that amount of chips on an even money bet. Should the bet win, remove those numbers and add the next to end number together. However, if the bet loses, don’t remove the numbers added together, instead, add the losing bet value to the end of the series.
Labouchere is great for new players, professionals, and high rollers as the numbers can consists of any values, as long as your bank roll allows it.


The D’Alembert system might not be as popular as the Martingale strategy, but among casino players who keep a lower risk strategy, the system always seems to come out on top, even though the profits are lower.
The strategy works similar to the Martingale system when you lose, but instead of doubling the bet from 1, to 2, and then 4, you’ll simply apply an additional chip of the same value each time you lose with D’Alembert, meaning 1, to 2, and then 3. When you win, the total bet decreases by a single chip, keeping you at a higher bet for bigger profit while also lowering the bet to ensure the bet value remains within reason.

Since the D’Alembert system is lower risk, many players tend to increase the value of their bets. Therefore, giving you more profit after each winning round. However, ensure your bet value never exceeds more than 1% of the account balance as a losing streak could have devastating effects.

James Bond Strategy

Since James Bond is such an amazing man in many ways with his amazing skills, thinking fast, and always winning, you’d expect the strategy he uses for Roulette would be flawless and beat the house odds and produce huge winnings.

The £14 bet on last 18, £5 on split between row 5 and 6, and a £1 on zero, has proven to cover most of the table, and each bet can provide worthy rewards, even if just 1 of them win. However, with numbers 1 to 12 not being covered, it’s best to combine the system with a strategy. Most players would combine a Martingale system, but instead of doubling up on bets that aren’t even money, you’d modify the system to cover losses when any of the best win.

The important thing about the James Bond system is it shows players to think out the box and come up with betting systems on multiple levels and use betting values that provide overall profits.