Reverse Martingale Strategy

December 9, 2017

Most players consider Reverse Martingale to mean you double up after a win, but remain to the same bets with losing hands. Actually, Reverse Martingale is a system that provides huge profit as you’ll try to ride a string of wins before walking away with a big profit. Those of you who’ve played a lot of Roulette, would know the system is risky, but worth a try as a losing round simply puts you back where you started with minimal loss.

Most players use the system with n even money betting options, meaning outside bets such as Red/Black. Unlike other betting strategies, Reverse Martingale is mostly applicable to Roulette game as it commonly provides a sting of winnings that consists of the same colours, number types and more.
Some players also use the system to chase the results, meaning the first bet might be on red, the second bet on last 18, the third bet on odd, and so on. The whole point of the system is to double up each round, meaning major profits as you double up and win each round.

For most players, the chance of losing is too big with a strategy that requires consecutive winnings while for others, beating the system and knowing when to walk away is an attractive way to win big in a short amount of time.

reverse martingale strategy

How to Place a Bet According to the Reverse Martingale System

To use the reverse Martingale system, you’ll simply need to keep track of your bets while also taking into consideration what the table limits are. To use the system, a higher account balance is a must, unless you find a table that provides low limits, in which case the profits will be much lower.

Most players would choose an even money betting option and wait for it to win for the first time before placing a bet. Starting with a low bet, you’ll double your bet with each round, hoping that repeated winnings follow.

The progression is just as you’d do with Martingale after loosing hands, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and so on. However, one very important part of the strategy is when you walk away. For example, most players would choose 4 or 5 consecutive winning rounds during which they double up on each hand they win. It’s important to walk away of the round you decide on as each consecutive winning hand provides lower odds, making your chances of losing much bigger.

One of the biggest benefits of the system is that losses are rather minimal. If you lose the first hand, in most cases only 1 unit is lost, if you lose after a few consecutive winnings, only 1 unit is lost, but you’ll also lose the profit.

Danger of Reverse Martingale Strategy

The whole point of the strategy is to bet on a position that could repeat winnings consecutively. In Roulette, repeat winnings are common on the same even money betting position. For example, it’s common for red to win more than once in a row, in fact, studies have shown that a string of 3 to 7 repeats are common.

However, since the numbers are divided 50/50 with even money bets (excluding the zero), the chances of getting a repeat is rather risky, especially in a consecutive order. Many players that use the system, chase the winnings by applying bets to different even money options they think might win next. However, even this form of betting has proven risky as once again there’s nothing to proves the results will be in your favour.

Since you double up on each round for a certain number of rounds, the betting values can reach huge values quickly. For example, starting with a single unit would progress to 16 units by round 5 (1, 2, 4, 8, 16). Therefore, if you begin with a higher starting value, such as 5 units, your bets will reach 5 times higher bets over the rounds, making the fifth bet 80 units.