Live Prestige Roulette

November 17, 2015

Playtech has recently launched the latest variation to live dealer roulette. The game offers a great selection of additional features that takes the standard roulette game and makes it much more exciting and enjoyable.

Playtech is one of the leading game developers ranging from video slots right through to live dealers. The software provider has received many rewards for their amazing games and huge payouts. Their live dealer games are considered to be among the best in the world.

New with Live Prestige Roulette

See More with different Camera Angles

As mentioned above, Playtech has taken the game to the next level. With the standard live dealer games, you are able to view everything you do those with a single camera angle.

With Prestige Roulette you now have the option to choose from many different angles to provide you with the best angel for results. Players have the ability to choose from many different angles and even use more than one other time. This gives you a full view of the game and all the action offered in each round.

Neon Lit Room brings you Close to the action

The new variation lets you enjoy the game with clearer results with every round. The room is neon lit, which makes everything important standout and easy to view. As you can imagine this offers an incredible one on one gaming experience for every player.

More about the Game

The game can accommodate any player as it provides perfect wager amounts for low rollers, standard players and high rollers. All betting options are easy to use and can be combined to offer odd values.

Players can enjoy this variation of roulette on all platforms and channels. These include HTML5, and Flash, which provides high quality video and resolutions with a low latency line that will ensure a clear picture and live updates.

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