VueTec Live Casino

Vuetec has been in the industry streaming game content live for over ten years and their flagship site who has been online since 2005. They have streamed over 10 million results live in their time. This company knows exactly what they are doing through their inherent knowledge and have been doing it right and securely for a very long time.

Vuetec ensures that from day one they work with the client to define the best possible solution in planning, integration, testing, security and installation. The company provides all training for staff and management of financial player accounts.


Donald Bursill gathered a group of software developers in Sydney Australia, in 1999 to develop a live video feed. VueTec was born. Mr Bursill’s business background included the management and ownership of eight casinos in the late 1980’s and early 90’s in Europe.

VueTec, in 2002 was the first supplier of casino games that streamed live. This type of technology was available before the huge number of users had broadband capabilities in their homes. These pioneers in the market attributed their success to creating a feed that would send live video over the dial-up modem at 56kbps.

What makes Vuetec different?

This company stands out because they one of the very few that that broadcasts feeds live using Java, through their own platform developed in-house. The service provides reliability and superior stability. The Vuetec technology to video stream was specifically developed for real-time delivery and gives them the superior control over the live video delivery to clients. Most software providers use default off the shelf packages and cannot off the level of transparency that Vuetec offers. All of their live feeds stream from mortar casinos and real bricks, which are open to the public and give the members unrivalled trusts levels.

To the future

The pioneers of the market do not intend to slow down.  They started this business doing things that people were not ready to receive and are definitely looking forward to improving their products by looking at avenues such as mobile delivery of software, HD feeds and possibly 3D feeds in the future when the technology matures. They know the industry is always evolving and they will need to as well.

Why choose Vuetec?

Vuetec are there to assist any land based casino that wants to take their business online. They have all the answers to the questions like investment costs, how to do it and where to start. Vuetec has over 10 years of experiences in the live casino online gaming industry and with that substantial expertise in gaming security online. The product they offer has end-to-end solutions from financial management to the start of installation including seamless, unobtrusive, no ugly wires, no studio-type lighting, and not a fuss.

The reputation of this company proves that a reliable platform can be left so the client is able to focus on the player. This is the most cost effective way to take for anyone to take their casino online.