Live Sic Bo

Live Sic Bo

live sic boLive Sic Bo is a casino table game, which provides massive winning opportunities and many betting options. The live casino option offers incredible advantages over both land based and virtual gaming options. Many developers offer the live option, which provides different layouts, rules and table limits.

Land based casinos have been able to offer Sic Bo for many decades, which has allowed the game to becomes extremely popular among many. However, many new players avoid the game due to its complex layout. Unfortunately, not many players understand the game and the rules that need to be followed. For new players or if you would just like to check up on a game rule, see our Sic Bo game guide.

As mentioned above, the game is available in land based, virtual online and live dealer options. The disadvantage with land based casinos is the need to travel and not always having the ability to reach your game due to it being overcrowded or possibly having technical difficulties.

Virtual online Sic Bo is a computerised version of the real game. This allows players to use PC and mobile devices to play the game at any time. However, concerns have been raised that unfair payout rates are used for these games, which provides the casino house with a bigger edge.

Live Sic Bo simply offers the best of both worlds. Players have the ability to act as the game at anytime from anywhere using both PC and mobile devices. You can see the dealer on your screen with a live video feed, which ensure as fairness and the most accurate gaming experience.


How Live Sic Bo Works

live sic bo rulesThe live dealer option is straightforward and easy to use. Once you have an account with a live dealer casino, simply make a deposit and select a room with betting options that suits your needs. Once you are signed in, a window will pop up on your screen with a live video feed from the table, which will display the table and the dealer from one or more camera angles.

Players then have the ability to wager on the table before each round. Games are timed, which offers a good paced gaming experience. Each player can only see their own bets, which offers a clean table view no matter how many other players are joining the game.

Live Sic Bo is presented in different ways depending on the developer. Most of these games are presented from a broadcasting studio, which offers a low latency experience for the best and most accurate experience.


Types of Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo does not present a massive selection of rules and game varieties. With live dealers, players can expect the standard version of the game, which he is by far the best when it comes to accurate payouts and opportunities. The game offers many betting options and strategies, which could provide an edge when used correctly. To develop your strategy or to better understand the best way to wager, have a look at our Sic Bo Strategies and Tips.


Finding the Best Sic Bo Table

Since live dealer Sic Bo mostly provides only one variation of the game, it is fairly easy to select a table. With every developer different layouts and game styles are used, which will depend on personal preference. Players will however have the ability to view Game Styles and Layouts by Developer to make the selection easier.