Live Roulette

What is Live Roulette

live rouletteLand based casinos have long remained the only milieu to enjoy a round of roulette, which required you to play with seen table limits and periodically requires squeezing between other players to place your bets. Now these factors are negated after live casinos became available online to provide a virtual roulette gaming option. This offered different table limits and the ability to play seamlessly from anywhere on PC and mobile devices. However, the virtual type of roulette raised concern with some players as they were not convinced that gaming is fair to ascertain accurate payouts.

Live roulette delivers an online gaming experience that offers the best aspects of land based and virtual roulette options. Game developers have taken the fairness from land based casinos, which allows players to see the dealer and every move made. They have also managed to make this an online experience, which provides the additional ability to take advantage of the game on PC and mobile devices.


Types of Live Roulette

For those of you who have played roulette online with virtual casinos will know that many different versions have been created, ranging from mini roulette two different variations of the full game. However, only two main types of rules apply to most of these variations, the two types being European and American. Live dealer casinos include both of these variations with different table styles and limits. To fully understand the difference between these two types of roulette fully, be sure to check out our game guides on American and European roulette.


How it all works

Live roulette employs virtual betting options and a live video feed presenting a live dealer on your screen. Multiple camera angles are used to capture every move of the dealer to deliver accurate results on the display of each player.

Some of the dealers are situated within specialised casino studios in actual land based casinos and others are presented from off-site broadcasting studios, with both options employing low latency video feeds to deliver multiple lag free live dealer games. A full size roulette table serves to deliver realistic play, with multiple cameras pointed different directions to capture every aspect of the table. This information is then transferred via the internet to each signed in device to provide a live feed of the information captured by the various cameras.

Some developers allow betting to take place on the actual table, with the tables modified to deliver accurate bets and payouts within seconds via the latest in electronic systems. Other developers use virtual tables, which appear next to the video feed. These options do not make much of a difference and will mostly depend on player preferences.


Live Roulette Game Rules

live roulette rulesLive roulette entertains standard game rules and payouts for both European and American game options. These two variations of the game differ in multiple ways, which provide different payouts, and the ability to use different strategies and odds. If you are new to roulette and haven’t grasped your perfect game strategy, have a look at our roulette strategies and tips.

The most noticeable difference between European and American roulette is that American roulette provides a double zero (00) and European is played with a single zero. Many say the additional zero on American roulette provides the house with a higher edge, which is a disadvantage to players. In fact, European roulette offers a house edge of only 2.7% and American roulette 5.26%, which makes it clear that European roulette is easier to play and presents better odds.


Finding a Live Dealer Casino

Finding the perfect live dealer casino will depend on individual preferences. Some casinos offer bonuses, which increase your bank balance before you even start playing. However, these bonuses have terms and conditions, which include wager requirements before payouts can be made.

It is also important to know the style of game you prefer, which ones include virtual betting options and those games that allow wagering on the table itself. Players also need to consider table limits, which are presented by different developers and casinos.