Live Hold’em

Live Hold’em

live hold'emLive Hold’em is a variation of the popular poker game, which is loved by millions from around the world. The live dealer variation is the latest game option to casinos. With live dealers, players have the ability to take full advantage of accurate payouts without visiting an land based casino or having concerns about unfair results with virtual games.

Hold’em poker with a live dealer is the exact same as the game play in a land based casino. However, unlike land based casinos you never have to worry about finding a open seat, making a trip to the casino or the need to carry cash with you. With online live poker you can play the game from anywhere on PC and mobile devices, while being comfortably dressed and using funds that are transferred to the casino with many different payment options.

Live dealer hold’em offers some of odds to land based casinos. Players also find the fairest of the game can be trusted as every move made by the dealer is shared straight onto your screen. Players also benefit from a faster game is all bets need to be made within limited time. More than one player will use the same table, which makes no difference to your game and you will have all the options without ever knowing what other players have chosen.

Hold’em is very similar to pokier played with multiple players. However, the major difference between the two is that the casino hold’em version is played against the dealer and the tournament version is played against other players at the table. The same rules apply with both these versions, but players will find the casino hold’em is a lot more fun and exciting. Players can see all the rules and how to play with our Hold’em Game Guide.


How Live Hold’em Works

live holdem rulesTo enjoy Hold’em with a live dealer, you need to register an account with a casino providing live dealer games. There are many different developers to choose from, which provide the same game but different layouts and betting opportunities.

These games are presented from a live broadcasting studio, which specializes in casino games. Once you have signed into a room, a low latency live stream of the table will appear on your screen. Betting takes place on the table with the three options the game presents and the dealer on either side will deal the cards and respond according to your actions.

Only game options, betting options and actual wagering will be done electronically, which will provide faster payouts each time you win. Players can also select re-bet and also see the history of hands played.


Types of Live Hold’em

Hold’em is currently available in only the one variation of the game, which is the most common around the world. The player and dealer each receive two cards and an additional five cards will be dealt on to the table during the round of each hand. The game is straightforward and easy to play, but many players are found that using the right strategy improve your chances of winning and offers much better rewards. To learn about strategies or find new ways to play, have a look at Hold’em Strategies and Tips.


Finding the Best Hold’em Table

As mentioned above, each of the developers offer different gaming styles and table layouts, which will appeal more to each individual player. These different tables could provide multi hand, different table limits, better graphics or simply a easier way to enjoy the game. To find out what each developer offers with Hold’em, have a look at our Game Styles and Layouts by Developer.