Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack

live blackjackLive blackjack is a fairly new way of enjoying the features and amazing payouts of the game. As most of you will know, blackjack has been available in land based casino for many decades and in online casinos as a virtual game for a few years.

Both land based and online game options have their advantages and disadvantages. Land based casinos offer fair gaming and the ability to see the dealer and his or her actions at all times. The disadvantages include the need to get in your car and drive to the casino. Your favourite table may not always be available or could be overcrowded, which means you need to wait. Virtual online blackjack offers a gaming experience that can be played anywhere at any time. However, these disadvantages include the fairness of these games, which is a big concern for any player.

Online live blackjack has taken the disadvantages from land based and virtual gaming options and eliminated them. Players have the ability to see a live feed of the dealer and every action they make, which will ensure accurate payouts for every round. Players have the ability to access these games with PC and mobile devices any time of day or night.

Blackjack can be quite a tricky game to understand at first, but it’s actually straightforward and simple. To understand the game better, be sure to check out our Blackjack game guide.


How Live Blackjack Works

live blackjack rulesLike many other live casino games, players can see the dealer and the table used to play the game. Each of these tables includes a number of strategically placed camera angles to ensure every move can be seen. The games are usually broadcast from specialised broadcasting studios, with individual developers each having set up a number of these studios in various strategic locations throughout the world, preferably centred near the regions they serve, which ensures lag free gaming. In addition, the studios employ low latency line feeds to further enhance the lag free experience. Some require a bet on the actual table and others allow virtual betting with live dealers. Both of these options provide the same game, but will depend on player preferences.

Once you sign into a live room, a window will pop up and the live video feed from the table will be presented on your screen. Each game is timed, which allows any player to place their bets within a certain amount of time.

Multiple players will use the exact same dealer, which does not change your game at all. However, you will be able to see the other bets placed on the table. Most casinos provide more than one table, which will ensure everyone the ability to enjoy the game.


Types of Live Blackjack

The standard rules are used with live blackjack, but players will have the ability to choose between two types. This includes classic seven, which provides multiple hand blackjack, thereby offering the capacity to place up to seven hands per round. Single draw blackjack is also available as a live dealer tender, which provides a single hand per round. The game can be played in many different styles and strategies, which can increase your winning probability with every round. Players can check out our Blackjack Strategies and Tips to improve your game.


Finding the Best Blackjack Table

Most of these games offer incredible table limits, ranging from £1.00 to £5,000.00 per hand. Players simply need to decide what type of betting methods they would like and the style of game preferred.