Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat

live baccaratLive Baccarat comes in a variety of game options from multiple developers. Many of you may know these games from land based casinos’ virtual online casinos. Baccarat is known as the high roller game and was one of the first to become available with online live dealers. Players can choose from many different variations and game styles, which includes Punto Banco.

The game became extremely popular after its appearance in famous movies such as 007. In its early days, the game was mostly played by a wealthy businessmen who could afford to place massive bets with every round. Baccarat provides massive winning opportunities up to 8:1, which attracted more and more players.

The game is straightforward and offers three betting options per round. The table limits are usually massive to accommodate high rollers, but are also allow lower bets to be placed. Each round is played quick and provides a win or loss. This gives players a thrilling experience with an easy game style and options. To get the very best experience of the game, you will need to understand all the payouts and rules. We offer a detailed description of the game, which can be viewed in our Baccarat game guide.


How Live Baccarat Works

Live Baccarat RulesThe game is currently played by millions using land based casinos and virtual online casino. With land based casinos, players find not enough tables are offered, which means they are overcrowded and don’t always provide an enjoyable experience. Virtual casinos have improved on this as players have the ability to enjoy the game one on one with the casino. However, this gaming method raised other concerns, which includes the fairness of the game.

Live Baccarat provides the one on one gaming experience with an actual live dealer that can be seen on a live video stream from the studio where the game is played. Each response you make will be shown to the live dealer, which allows them to respond accurately and within seconds. Many players would use the same dealer, which does not interfere with other players or their game style.

Players will not be able to see each other’s bet, but will have the ability to communicate with the live chat option. At the beginning of each round, you are simply required to place your bet on player, banker or tie. These bets are placed on the table, which are received electronically. Once the round has been played, computerised payouts will be granted to each winner. This allows for fast payouts that are accurate.

Types of Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat is presented with eight different game styles, which offer different opportunities, layouts and game styles. These variations are available with different developers and casinos, but players will find most casinos hold the same range of game options. The variations include,

Dragon bonus: standard game rules with an additional side bet option.

High roller: much higher table limits and usually includes a peek feature.

In-running: additional side bets offered during game.

Pairs: big and small side bets available.

Progressive: progressive jackpot.

Super 6: is also known as Punto 2000, which offers standard payouts unless banker wins with a total of 6.

Standard: the standard game with payouts 1:1 for player and dealer and 8:1 for a win on tie.

The game rules for each variation remain very similar in most ways. The game can be played with different strategies, which could provide a different outcome especially if you are new to the game. Check out our Baccarat Strategies and Tips, which could give you the edge in the game.


Finding the Best Baccarat Table

Most of the live dealer Baccarat games will provide detailed information, which includes the history of each hand. To find the perfect casino for you, have a look at the different layouts, table options and limits with each other developers. To see these different layouts and game styles, have a look at our Game Styles by Developer for Baccarat.