James Bond Strategy

December 9, 2017

With well known 007 movies such as Casino Royal, casino enthusiast tends to pay more attention to the casino game scenes, hoping to find an unbeatable strategy from the man who seems to have the best of it all.

The James Bond system is more of a strategy than a system, but since it cleverly includes various ways to boost profit by covering more than 60% of the table, you’ll find it provides impressive winnings. It also means the strategy covers more numbers than a system that works with even money betting options.
Many professional players would combine the strategy with a betting system such as Martingale, giving you the opportunity to win impressive profits and cover your losses in case of a losing hand. Sure, every system ad strategy has disadvantages, but with higher bet values, and the odds in your favour, the possibility of having a large loosing streak is decreased drastically.

The James Bond system requires a bet of 20 units, which can consist of any value as long as they all have the same value. To make it easier to understand, we’ll explain the betting system with units. Therefore, players can see how much to bet where, and the possible profits involved overall.

Best Online Roulette Sites to Try James Bond Strategy

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How to Place a Bet According to the James Bond Strategy

James bond strategy

To place a bet with the James Bond strategy, you’ll need 20 chips of the same value. However, it’s recommended to have at least 80 chips, allowing bettors to double up twice in case of a loosing streak, but since the strategy covers, 25 numbers, the chances of a long losing streak would uncommon, especially since only 1 to 12 would be open.

To start, place a bet of 14 units on last 18 (19 to 36), another bet of 5 units between the columns including 13 to 18, and finally, a bet of 1 unit on zero. This way, all the numbers from 13 to 36 provide winnings, and zero is covered as well.

A winning on any of the covered numbers will provide a profit. If zero win, you’ll receive 35 chips plus the bet, meaning 36 chips in total. Therefore, the win provides a profit of 16 chips since only 20 were used to over the bets. If the winning number is 13 to 18, the payout will be 30 chips in total, meaning 10 chips profit. Finally, if the winning number is 19 to 36, the total return will be 28 chips, of which 8 units are profit.

Danger of James Bond Strategy

The James Bond strategy provides great promise when it comes to covering a big part of the table and winning worthy profits. However, since you don’t win double or more of your total bet, a losing round could hurt your profits and take at least 2 winning rounds just to recover.

The strategy also requires bigger bets on single units, which could be blocked by takes with low limits, especially when applying a progressive betting system. To start with, it’s best to use a lower value per unit, allowing players to still enjoy the profits, but also gain confidence in the betting system.

Once you trust the system, either apply a progressive betting system that doubles the bet after a losing round, or at least increase the betting values by 50% each to recover some of the loosing bets with the next winning round.

With doubling up, the table limits and your bankroll become even more important, which is why it’s recommended to use an account balance of at least 100 units to double up twice. Applying a double up system won’t give you profit, but it will ensure minimal losses after a losing round. After doubling up and winning, return to the lower bet that you started with.