immersive Roulette

immersive roulette
December 2, 2017

Immersive Roulette is a live dealer game by Evolution Gaming that provides a live dealer experience unlike any other live dealer game in the online gaming industry. Immersive Roulette is a European Roulette variant, utilizing the same table layout, roulette wheel, payouts and bets as any other European Roulette game offered by Evolution Gaming. The game features a remarkable house edge of only 2.7% as European Roulette only comes with a single zero and 36 numbered pockets.

immersive roulette

The popularity behind Immersive Roulette is the way in which the game is presented. Immersive Roulette features several camera angles that focuses on the live dealer and the roulette wheel, offering close-up shots and slow-motion replays of the white ball dropping into a numbered pocket. Each camera provides high definition quality that provides both beautiful and stunning visual presentation of the game.

Players can expect a picture quality of up to 200 frames a second from the comfort of their own homes.

The live dealers are also very attractive and professional, and players can interact with the live dealers through an innovative chat box built into the software.

What Makes Immersive Roulette Unique

immersive rouletteUnlike other live dealer roulette variations, Immersive Roulette provides a more captivating and realistic experience thanks to multiple cameras placed around the roulette table, roulette wheel, and live dealer. This allows players to get as close to the roulette action as possible. While the roulette wheel is spinning, players will be offered the opportunity to closely follow every single movement of the white ball thanks to HD video quality that captures 200 frames per second along with slow-motion reply functionality for added clarity.

Immersive Roulette is presented in a state-of-the-art live studio based in Riga, Latvia that utilises a starry background and attractive live dealers that are both professional and extremely engaging. Immersive Roulette also features a wide variety of betting limits, ensuring both novice and veteran player can get in on the action.

The table layout is simplistic and easy to understand with plenty of additional in-game features to assist you in making a more informed decision. The in-game features include enhanced statistical information that presents up to 500 previous results along with hot and cold numbers. You can also take advantage of the slow-motion reply feature, making the game more exciting and intriguing.

Features of Immersive Roulette

Immersive Roulette comes with a plethora of sensational features that you won’t find in any other live dealer roulette variant. Players can enjoy 30 different camera angles in full HD quality that portray the live dealer and roulette wheel along with close-up shots that follow every single detail in the game. The game further impresses with a slow-motion replay feature after every drop of the white ball. The period between each spin is set around 30 seconds, and players can make their bets for 10 seconds after the roulette wheel is in motion.

Players can enjoy every ball movement and bounce in spectacular high definition quality. What’s more impressive is the fact that Immersive Roulette features native speaking live dealers that comment in your own language when chatting to them through the chat box feature while playing roulette. The game also features a wide range of betting limits, ranging from a minimum of 1.00 and increasing to a maximum of 10,000. This ensures that both beginner and high roller can enjoy live dealer action while playing Immersive Roulette. The added in-game features also allow players to make a more educated decision thanks to statistical information at your fingertips.