Fibonacci Strategy

December 9, 2017

The Fibonacci system is a well-known betting system that uses a sequence of numbers based on the last bets. The system is highly popular with Roulette and other forms of online betting, including Blackjack and Baccarat.

The system uses similar rules to systems such as Martingale as it only applies to loosing hands. However, to get the best out of the Fibonacci system, you’ll need to apply it to bets that pay higher than even money, making it a little riskier, but more rewarding.

The Fibonacci betting system is recommended for players with Roulette experience as it’s a bit more complicated that standard betting systems. However, with online Roulette, players have an advantage as they can keep track of the system by making notes, which is recommended, especially for the progressions through the betting values.

The sequence is rather simply and makes sense when you consider the amount you’ll win once a successful hand comes along. Instead of simply doubling the bet as with Martingale, you’ll add the numbers from the last 2 bets together to determine the next bet requirement. The system isn’t as aggressive as Martingale, making it suitable for lower account balances or players looking for a system that doesn’t reach higher values too fast.

How to Place a Bet According to the Fibonacci System

As mentioned, the system requires you to add the bet values of the last 2 bets together as your next wager. To start, use a bet of 1 unit (£1.00 or what you prefer) and place it on a single betting options such as straight bets that pay 35:1. Only place 10 or at most 15 chips, which covers between 10 to 15 numbers of the possible 37. Leaving numbers open is recommended as it allows the system to progress with losing rounds.
If the first bet losses, apply the same value to the same betting options (don’t change anything). If the bet wins with the second round, you’ll already make a profit of 5 units, even if 15 chips are applied. However, should the third round also lose, you’ll add the first 2 bets together, meaning 1 + 1 unit for the next bet of 2 per number. Once again, use the same numbers. If round 3 wins, there’s profit of 10 units.

Should round 3 lose as well, you’ll add the last two bets together, meaning 1 + 2 units for a bet of 3 chips. If it losses again, you’ll add 2 and 3 together for a bet of 5 chips, then you’ll add 3 and 5 together for a bet of 8 chips, and so on until you win.

Best Live Casino Sites to Play with Fibonacci Strategy

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Danger of Fibonacci Strategy

The primary focus of the betting system is to use fewer chips in each round without putting yourself at too much risk. Most professional players would recommend covering at least 30% of the table, but less than 50%, which ensures a worthy profit is accessible. The risk of this is that you won’t win as often, but once a winning round presents itself, you’ll score better profit than with systems such as Martingale.

Since the profits are higher, it’s important to keep to a lower starting value per unit, especially on tables that have lower limits on individual betting values. Reaching the limit on a bet could make the strategy fail as you won’t be able to apply the next higher betting amount as required by the strategy, meaning you’ll end up losing a big amount as the bet values would be much higher after a few rounds.

Another major requirement for the Fibonacci betting system is your bankroll. Since losing streaks are common and betting values reach higher amount relatively fast, you’ll be in with quite a large amount of chips before winning it all back. However, if your bankroll doesn’t allow you to progress all the way to a winning hand, you’ll end up losing big or you’ll reduce the betting values, which would result in less profit, or a loss.