Casino Free Spins

December 31, 2017

The free spin bonuses

Free spin bonuses are rewarded by casinos in various ways. Most casinos use these to attract new players by offering them the opportunity to win without making a deposit. Many casinos also provide free spins as part of their loyalty program, allowing players to exchange their points to receive free spins.

These bonuses are usually available on a single game, which would usually include one of the very latest games. Casinos would include a time limit for you to use the bonus, which could range from a couple hours to a few days. This time period is affected by the amount of free spins you receive and high you received the free spins.

This type of bonus is definitely worth accepting as it gives the player the opportunity to try out the various options offered by the casino without the need to make a deposit. Many of these free spin bonuses take place on highly rewarding video slots, making them so much more worthwhile.

What are free spins

Free spins are basically self explanatory as it simply means the casino provides players with the free spins to play on a certain game. These spins will not cost you anything and does not require a deposit of most of the time. This means you are able to play the game and receive real money winnings without wagering any of your casino funds.

What are no deposit free spins

No deposit free spins is a form of casino bonus that provide you with free spins even when you do not make a deposit. These are usually have rewarded for signing up with the casino, which can result in various amounts of free spins ranging from 10 all the way through to hundreds of free spins. As mentioned above, the this type of promotion usually comes with for a time limit, meaning you need to use the free spins within this time brackets otherwise they expire.

Claiming free spins

Depending on the casino, you will find there are many different ways to claim the free spins. The most common way is to simply register your account and receive your free spins. Other casinos require you to contact the support team or fall in a bonus code provided on the promotion page.

If the free spins come with a promotion such as a added benefits when making a deposit, you may need to provide a bonus code or contact the support team before making your deposit. However, in this case many casinos automatically add these free spins to your deposit.

Important things to remember

Some free spin bonuses might have wager requirements before your winnings can be released. This will be explained on the casino promotions page, which will require you to play with your winnings and win a certain amount before those winnings become available.

Other promotions of the same type will need you to make a deposit before your free spin winnings will be available. In this case, a certain amount will be required as a deposit.

Some casinos will provide these winnings as actual cash and others will give you casino credits. The actual cash option usually comes with additional terms and conditions, but the allows you to withdrawal the amount. Casino credits give you the opportunity to play games and win real cash from those credits.