Blackjack Tips

November 15, 2015

Blackjack is possibly one of the easiest games to play a casino, but can quickly become a very difficult game when it comes to making decisions. The game has been enjoyed for many years in casinos and online.

Game rules are simple and easy to understand as you need to get a combined card valued total of 21 or as close as possible. Your objective is to be the dealer who only qualifies with a soft 17 or better. The game options allow players to win massive amounts and take chances and still be rewarded. However, when these chances are taken completely blind, you will find losing becomes a big factor.

It is important to understand when to hit, double, split or stand. The hardest part of Blackjack is to keep a level head and not to get ahead of yourself when you win or lose.

Live dealer Blackjack offers you the possibility to play from anywhere in the world by using your smart phone or computer. The games are provided with a low latency video stream, which gives you a live stream of everything happening at the table. Players can expect accurate and fair gaming just as you can find in a land based casino.

Set Limits for yourself

Blackjack can quickly become a game where you lose faster with every round. This is why it’s important to set limits and stick to them. Only deposit a certain amount into the casino and sets a limit for when you walk away. For example, if you deposit $200, walk away when you reach a total balance of $50.00. Obviously these limits depend on the amount you play per hand and how much you deposit.

Keep your bet and do not increase your bet even if you win as a losing hand will cause of a bigger loss. If you lose three hands in a row, get up from the game, take a break and come back into it later. Unfortunately, Blackjack is a game of chance and cannot be predetermined in any way.

Set personal rules for your hand

Having a set of rules that you follow with every hand will take you far. These rules simply include went to hit, stand, double or split. Blackjack becomes a mind twisting game when you are dealt with a total hand value of 14 and the dealer has an open card value of 8. If the dealers other card is a 10, he will have 18 total, which beats you, but if you hit and anything more than a 7 is dealt, will make you lose as you will exceed 21. It’s these cases where you need to have a set of rules that the either force you to stand or hit.

Setting rules with split and double can be rather difficult as tables offer different limits. However, most live tables use standard Blackjack rules, which made easier to set these rules. Remember when you select a double, only one additional card will be received and your wager will be doubled. Some hands are lucky, but unfortunately others are not.

Develop a Strategy and Consider Strong Points from Others

Everyone players the game in different ways with a different set of rules that works for them. While you are working on these rules and strategies, be sure to keep your hand value to a low, which will allow you to practice your strategy without the need to rob a bank.  Check our roulette strategies page for casino more details. Players can also take advantage of free variations of the game, which are safer and is known real cash is played. Be sure to look at different strategies as you will find highlights in each of them that can be applied to your betting style.