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Ukash is an online payment method that can be used for many different services and shopping online. The service first became available in 2005 and is based in the UK. Ukash is available in over 55 countries, which allows all its users to enjoy highly secure and fast payment options just about worldwide.

The service works on a pay as you go platform, which means credit is not available at Ukash. This is simply used to provide an easier and much safer payment method, which allows clients to connect to online shops, employers to pay employees and for clients to purchase services such as deposits at online casinos and find their funds in the casino account instantly.

Ukash with Casinos

Ukash is an extremely easy payment method when it comes to adding funds to your casino account. You will need to fund your account before you can be a deposit to the casino with Ukash, which can be done at one of the 420,000 points worldwide or front a bank account. Here you will buy a voucher, which will contain the funds you want to add to your Ukash account and convert it into e-cash (electronic cash).

Once you have bought a ticket, you will find a 19 digit code, which needs to be entered into your account before the funds will be available. To find the closest point of sale to your location, members can simply use the “find a store” link on the website. This service is really easy to use and fast with great results.

Once your funds are available in your account, you can go to your casino, select “make a deposit” and enter the amount you would like to be added to your casino account. This service is instant with casinos and some casino even offer a 10% or 15% bonus for just using the service to make a deposit. These bonuses could be subject to wager requirements, which can be viewed at each casino.

The amazing thing about Ukash is that you can limit your deposits to a certain amount. For example; if you deposit £200 and you only want to deposit £50 at a time, you can use Ukash to provide 4 different vouchers for the value of £50. You can also deposit these funds to other accounts such as a debit card or use each voucher to do online shopping. Users also have the ability to take multiple smaller amounts and combine them into a bigger amounts.

Ukash Fees

Ukash can provide users with a card that allows withdrawals at ATM’s or swipe your card at any point where MasterCard is accepted. Should you lose this card, a fee of £9 will be applied for a new card.

Other fees include a top up fee of £2.50, but only £1.50 when depositing at a Post Office in the UK. Debit card top up include a fee of just £1 and bank transfers are free. Purchases are completely free, which is a massive plus for this service. You are able to view all other fees on their website.

How to Register

Signing up is simple and quick. Members need to provide just a bit of info about themselves to complete the process. Making a deposit is also complete anonymous, which offers less fraud risk for everyone using the service.

Members are not required to register an account as you can simply use the 19 digit code provided when you buy a voucher. However, many benefits come with a registered account. To sign up, simply use the Ukash Sign up Link.