Skrill Casinos


Skrill Casinos

Skrill was created under the name Moneybookers is 2001, which provides many different services to its clients around the world. The company provides their services to over 36 million international clients in 40 different currencies, which can be used at over 136,000 online stores. The service can be used from 200 different countries, which also allows payments to be made to other users, which makes it a great platform to use for payroll as well.

The company is a pay as you go electronic wallet, which means Skrill is not a credit provider, but rather a convenient payment option, which clears immediately when shopping or making payments from user to user.

Skrill with Casinos

Skrill is one of the most commonly used e-wallet options used with casinos. This is because the service is easy to use, reflects instantly in your account and does all this with low fees.

Users can login to their casino accounts, select Skrill as their payment method. The casino will then request the email used when your Skrill account was open. This is an additional security feature, which will ensure the correct user. Players then need to enter the amount they would like to deposit and the currency (if different from the casino). The casino will then automatically take you to the Skrill login page where you need to login and confirm the payment. Within seconds, your transaction will be completed and your funds will be in your casino account.

Withdrawals are also very easy. Players need to select the amount they would like to withdraw from the casino and follow the easy steps. Since Skrill is such a secure payment method, you may need to provide additional info with a withdrawal. This is only to confirm the correct user is making the withdrawal. The payments are instant, but some casino may cause a delay due to processing.

Skrill Fees

Skrill offers some of the lowest fees for its services. Members will have the benefit of shopping without any fees applied, add funds to your account without any additional fees and deposit or withdraw from your casino without paying fees. The service will only cost money when transferring funds to another users account. This costs 1% of the total amount, which is capped at £10. This means any amount can be transferred with the maximum cost of £10.

How to Register

To sign up you simply need to provide some of your details. This includes banking details, name and surname, email address and other minor requirements. These details are completely hidden from other users, even when payments are made, which makes the service very secure and easy to use.

Members worried about fraud will simply love Skrill for its incredible security. The company make use of a 128-bit encrypted line with every transaction, which makes it completely anonymous and secure. To sign up for your account now and take full advantage, simple hit the Skrill Sign up Link.