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PayPal Casinos

PayPal is an electronic online payment system, which provides its customers with the ability to do online shopping, receive payments from other PayPal users and deposit or withdrawal funds from online casinos. The company was founded in 1998 during which it was one of the first online payment options. The company was taken over by a popular online market Ebay in 2002 who managed to obtain a European bank and licensed in 2007.

In 2014, the service was available to over 190 countries and consisted of 143 million registered users. The company provides its service in 26 different currencies, which allows members from around the world to take full advantage of the servers.

PayPal with Casinos

PayPal has not become very popular with online casinos. This is because casinos are required to carry the fees for every transaction as per PayPal terms and conditions. Even though the this is a massive plus to all users, casinos don’t seem too fond of the idea. However, many NetEnt casinos now accept the service, which allows all it uses to make deposits to paypal casinos and enjoy the full variety of games offered.

To complete a payment with this option, players simply need to visit the paypal online casinos payment page, select PayPal  payment option and enter the amount you would like to deposit. A small window will then pop up allowing you to login to your PayPal account and follow the easy instructions to complete the payment. The payments are instantly added to your casino account, which can then be used for your favourite games.

Withdrawals work in the same manner as players are required to select the PayPal option when withdrawing funds. Once again, you need to enter the value that is being withdrawn, which will present the PayPal login follow a few steps for immediate payments. Some casinos may require a waiting period, which will be stated on the banking page.

PayPal Fees

As mentioned above, the service is completely free to those making payments. This means transferring funds to other uses or online shopping will not require any fees from your account. The shop or user the funds are being transferred to will be responsible for the fees.

The fees are usually around 3% of the total amount, but may vary due to a number of reasons. These reasons include the amount that’s being transferred and where the money is being sent. Members also need to consider that standard currency conversion fees will be charged when your funds are being transferred from one currency to another. These fees are unavoidable with any banking service.

How to Register

Signing up with this company is extremely easy and straightforward. Signing up is completely free and will only take a few seconds. The company will require basic information such as your postal address, preferred currency, your name and surname. New members are required to verify their account by e-mail or telephone. To sign up for the service, simply use the PayPal Service Link.