Neteller Casinos



Neteller is an online e-wallets that can be used in many ways, which includes online shopping, sending money to other users and even funding casino accounts. The service was founded in 1999 and owned by Optimal Payments PLC, which will originally came from Canada. However, the company moved its headquarters to Isle of Man and now follows the rules and regulations of FSA ( United Kingdom Financial Services Authority).

Neteller is not a bank, but follows the same rules and regulations. This means a much greater level of security is used and all customer funds are placed in a separate trust account. Should anything happen to the company or the unlikely event of bankruptcy, or customer funds can be paid out in full.

In the year 2000 Neteller was used to complete 80% of payments between players and casinos. The company present services to millions in 200 countries, which allows the service to reach its millions of customers.

Neteller can be used for many different purposes online. These range from online shopping at thousands of different stores, using it for payroll, which allows payments to be cents instantly to all employees. The service is commonly used to send funds to other countries, which is available in over 40 currencies.

Neteller with Casinos

Neteller is available and almost all casinos around the world. This is one of the most commonly used payment methods to make a deposit or withdrawal from your casino account.

To use the service simply upper an account with Neteller, go to your casino page and select Neteller as your preferred method. Once selected, a small pop up window will appear on your screen, which will require you to log into your account. Provide the currency of your account and the amount you would like to transfer. These transfers are instant, which is very convenient for players.

Using Neteller for withdrawals is just as simple as making a deposit. Simply select Neteller as your preferred withdrawal method, which will once again require you to log into your account and select the value that needs to be withdrawn.

Neteller Fees

The service presents low fees or even no fees at all when transferring funds to other account holders. Should funds be transferred to a different currency, the latest conversion rates will be used.

Uploading funds to your account could also be free, but will depend on the country the funds are loaded from. Your deposit method will also have an effect on the fees. However, users will never experience fees above 7% of the deposit amount.

Members have the ability to withdraw funds via cheque, which will take 2 to 21 business days with a fee of £7.50. You will also have the ability to use bank transfers, which for the positive funds into your credit card or bank account within 3 to 10 business days with a maximum fee of £10.50.

How to Register

To create an account, you simply need an e-mail address. The process takes only a few minutes, as only basic information is required. To verify your account, a copy of your identification card will be required. This is an additional security measure and will never be shared with third party users. To take full advantage and get your own account, use the Neteller Service Link.