Baccarat Tips

November 15, 2015

Live Baccarat Tips

Baccarat is a straightforward game of chance. You have no possible way to determine the result of the next hand. The highest payout in the game is tie, which is uncommon in most hands. However, somehow millions of people have always been interested in the game, which include myself. Even though no strategy or skills are required to be very successful with the game, it’s still a lot of fun to play.

Since live dealer Baccarat became available at online casinos, many have decided to try it and fell in love almost instantly. There are people that prefer land based casinos, but to me, live dealer offers the same odds and game accuracy with the ability to play from anywhere using a mobile device or computer.

The game may be based on pure luck, but there are definitely precautions each player can take to achieve the best odds. These precautions will not make any difference to the outcome, but it will help ensure you don’t go bankrupt the first time you play.


Check the Table

The first thing you need to check at the table is the limits. Not all players can afford to place £500 for every hand, which is why different table limits are offered. However, most live dealer tables offer a massive betting variety than allows you to adjust the bet as you wish.

See how many decks of cards are played at the specific table as this can make a bit of a difference when playing the game. Some tables use six or eight decks and other tables offer only use one, which are unfortunately rather uncommon as increased odds fall in the players favour.


Knowing where to Bet

The best possible payout you can get in the game is 8:1, which is paid for a win on tie. Think yourself how often this would occur, tie requires the banker and players to have the exact same hand values after the initial deal. These winnings definitely do occur, but not very often.

Players who bet on tie usually place a smaller bet than the bet that goes on player or banker. However, in most cases this bet will be lost, which will require you to somehow improve your odds on player or banker to make up for that loss. Personally, I never play on tie as I have a better chance of winning when my money is placed on player or banker.

The only way to place a bet with a bit of education, is to use the game history. The history will tell you the winning hand from the last 5 to 10 rounds, but even with this information you will find it all depends on how the cards are dealt.


Limit Yourself and Keep To a Level Head

The only way you can walk away from the game with a possible profit is to set a game limits. This means setting a limit for when you walk away, whether you have won or lost.

A loss limit will help control your losses and walk away without too much damage to your bank account by simply selecting an amount at which you need to withdraw. If you are on losing streak, follow your limits and do not increase your bet for any reason.

A limit with your winnings will give you the opportunity to walk away before your luck turns. Use a trailing loss limit, which increases your limit as your winnings go up. For example, if you start with £100 set your limit at £50.00, which will depend on how much you spending on each hand, but if your winnings increased to £200, change your loss limit to £150. This gives you the opportunity to keep winning, but also when to walk away with a profit. Never fool yourself by thinking you can gain a bigger profit by playing just one more hand and playing beyond your set limits.

No matter what happens in the game, keep focused and to the limits that were set before the game. Increasing your limits after losing hand, allows the opportunity to lose even more. Keep the exact same betting methods. If you feel the need to change these, exit the game and test your new method on a free version.

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